Who Are We?

Excelsior Security Solutions LLC is a U.S. based consultancy in the field of Cybersecurity, with a focus on Public Key Infrastructure, Identity Assurance and Information Security Management, and a side focus on Industrial Control System security. The company is led by Mr. Scott Shorter, who has worked in various aspects of Cybersecurity since 1996, with a focus on evaluation, assessment, auditing and certification of products, systems and services.

Mr. Shorter started his Cybersecurity career as a coder at IBM, working on features of a cryptographic toolkit being developed for export (prior to export regulation of cryptography being lifted). Features included digital signature based integrity checks, and Scott built a rudimentary but functional PKI to test the feature. His career has continued to develop along those lines, with a continued focus on testing and evaluation, as well as on cryptography, PKI and system integrity.

After IBM, Mr. Shorter worked at Cygnacom, where he learned the ropes of PKI implementation and auditing from Dr. Santosh Chokhani, co-author of (at the time) IETF RFC 2527, the Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Certificate Policy and Certification Practices Framework. After that Mr. Shorter worked at Securify (subsequently Caradas) where he built test labs and validation programs for a smart card authentication algorithm and an online financial authentication protocol system.

Mr. Shorter worked at Orion Security Solutions as a FIPS 140-2 consultant, assisting companies in getting their products certified under the joint U.S. and Canadian Cryptographic Module Validation Program. He also supported the Common Criteria Evaluation and Validation Program, working as a validator for Common Criteria evaluations. In this role he had an opportunity to work under the leadership of a number of different members of the TCSEC Orange Book crowd, which was very educational.

Since 2012, Mr. Shorter has worked as a Kantara accredited assessor, PKI auditor and certification consultant for companies seeking approval under ISO 27001 or NIST 800-63-3 schemes.

Excelsior Security Solutions a proud member of the Kantara Initiative.

Please contact us at scott.shorter@excelsiorsecuritysolutions.com